California State University, Long Beach – Who Are We?

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: CSULB VSA

Production name: Who Are We?

Coordinator/director name: Alex Doan

This video was made in submission to SDSU VSA’s 4th Annual Film Festival: Deception, and won 1st Place.

Inspired by the many diverse members in our club, the story features four characteristically different individuals who all at first seem typical and standard, almost faultless. As the short film progresses, we learn each person has their own distinct struggles in life; that life isn’t what it seems. The message the video conveys is to understand the stereotypes placed upon us and to learn that people are not 2-D cookie-cutter individuals but rather 3-D. Every person you meet has a multitude of interests, quirks, feelings, and struggles, just as our club and community is full of diverse, unique individuals, with their own different circumstances. We’re all going through something, no matter what age, race, gender/sexuality, creed, and/or belief.

“Four lives. Four Stories. Which one are you?”

– Directed by Alex Doan
– Written by Alex Doan and Bienna Marie Lapuz
– Filmed by David Huynh and Alex Doan
– Edited by Michi Que Doan

– Lover: Tim Cha
– Fighter: Jersey Hwang
– Scholar: David Pham
– Leader: Vicki Tang
– Narrator: Jennifer Dinh
– Fighter’s Ex-Boyfriend: Marco Tran
– Fighter’s Friend: Jonah Lucero
– Lover’s Girlfriend: Jennylyn Arpon
– Lover’s Love Interest: Enoch Shih
– Lover’s Friends: Mony Vu Jr., Asher Reeves, and Bill Bui Masaki
– Scholar’s Friend: Kevin Vien
– Scholar’s Brother: Nick Chiu
– Leader’s Brother: Adric Tang