Oregon State University – Andre To

VSA Member of the Year Nomination: Andre To

Why was this person selected as “Member of the Year” for your organization? What was the criteria to be a recipient of this award?

Andre was selected as “Member of the Year” due to his dedication and consistent involvement within VSA@OSU and Northwest VSA. He always makes a point to reach out and connect with new members of VSA no matter where he is, and consistently strives to keep his fellow members engaged in regional activities. Andre has served in many capacities outside just his Regional Representative duties – he has served on a number of event committees, as a family leader for our Leadership Camp and also as a mentor to his fellow officers and members of his home VSA.
Andre’s enthusiasm, passion, involvement and regional pride are second to none. In our selection, we looked for someone who is always willing to put the needs of others above their own. Andre has always been a selfless and generous member by offering his time, effort and resources to others without hesitation.

Describe the roles the nominee has held in his/her community and how these roles have influenced your organization. Provide examples.

As one of our Regional Representatives, Andre is responsible for inter-regional relations, external relations with fellow UVSA and of course, representing the Northwest Region within the UNAVSA community. Andre has personally reached out to many individuals new to VSA, and through his facilitation and assistance has been able to have at least two new VSAs (Reed College and Portland Community College) join Northwest VSA. Andre is currently working on building a relationship with a third VSA, Pacific University, with the hopes that they too will join Northwest VSA soon.
Perhaps the most important way Andre has helped influence the Northwest is through his sheer energy and commitment to attending as many regional events as he can. Andre is known in our region as the “Road Warrior”, in that he travels several hundreds of miles between member schools to support their events, sometimes back to back. This we are sure has inspired many others to travel to support their fellow member school’s events.
On top of supporting Northwest events, Andre has also stepped outside to support our sister organizations, such as Southwest UVSA’s Apex-2 Conference, of which he was a committee member. His outreach has helped strengthen Northwest’s external relationships and build new friendships.
However, for as much as Andre does for the Northwest Region and beyond, nowhere is that more apparent than at his own home VSA, Oregon State University. Andre has been an officer for the past three years and makes sure to represent the Beavers first.

Describe the roles the nominee has held in his/her community and how these roles have influenced your organization. Provide examples.

Andre is incredibly passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic to a fault and loyal to those he holds dear. He does not hesitate to reach out to others and empower them to be strong leaders. He is always looking to brighten someone’s day, support his fellow members and hype everyone up. His presence is always felt when he is there and missed when he is not. Andre is easily one of the Northwest’s, and VSA@OSU’s best ambassadors.

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