Tulane University – TUVA Date Auction Performance 2016

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: Tulane University Vietnamese Association (TUVA)

Performance name: TUVA Date Auction Performance 2016

Performance Choreographer: Huy-Alex Nguyen

The dance began with a ballroom-style routine consistent with themes from Beauty and the Beast. The men then spun the ladies off as they rushed the stage to an electrifying and fast-paced Geronimo with sharp, quick, and powerful moves. That was followed by a tribute to the classic song, “Dance With Somebody” during which the men performed a more light-hearted, almost silly number where they made use of acrobatics and ethereal dance moves laced with femininity, which, with the help of the women dressed in their own bomber jackets, was concluded with a joyful collaboration between the masculine and feminine sides of TUVA. As the men departed from the stage, the women stormed the stage with a jarring atmospheric reversal to the tune of Iggy Azalea’s “Team”. Men’s knees grew weary, the women roared in overwhelming support, and the crowd started to wonder if this was the finale of TUVA’s dance. Perhaps the most powerful dance in the routine, the girls sold nothing short of brute confidence, skill, and endurance. Finally, the girls’ dance ended with only Sophia and Brenda remaining as Huy, Khoa, and Peter took the stage to join them in the finale of TUVA’s performance, which was a dance choreographed to a remix of “Roses” by Chainsmokers. Devoid of lyrics for a significant segment, this song proved to be an enormous technical challenge. Choreographing to beats and electronic noises required much patience, skill, precision, and most of all, creativity. However, TUVA’s efforts paid off when the entire team returned to the stage for the finale. As TUVA’s dancers moved with nearly perfect synchronization, the audience witnessed some of their quickest, flashiest, and most dynamic dance moves that ended with a united, choreographed bow. The audience erupted with applause, the likes of which I had never encountered before. We had no idea our dance would be received so well, but thanks to the people’s affirmation then and thereafter, we’ve been able to appreciate all the effort we invested into creating that dance as well as the joy and fun we experienced delivering our best performance to date.