University of Georgia – My Education

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: Vietnamese Student Association at the University of Georgia – My Education

Performance name: My Education

Performance Choreographer: Crystal Le

Crystal: “The poem was my way of drawing a parallel between my mom’s experience in Vietnam and my experience here in the US. We both love education and learning and so I really appreciated how much I had access to. But once I started to see what was being kept from me that deals with my Asian-American identity I became upset and I wanted to find a way to change that. So in the end, the title “My Education” is both talking about what was actually taught to me and what parts of it that I can control for myself.”

Disclaimer: Was written to show the frustration that a lot of Asian Americans feel when trying to find their place between their ethnicity and the American culture they grew up with, and how the education system and even social education affects that.

A spoken word piece written and performed by Crystal Le at Night in Saigon 13: Gifts of the Past.


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