University of Georgia – Summer Phung

VSA Member of the Year Nomination: Summer Phung


Why was this person selected as “Member of the Year” for your organization? What was the criteria to be a recipient of this award?

We decided to select Summer Phung as the “Member of the Year” for UGA VSA because she went above and beyond her position title. She deserves this award because she shows superb dedication, commitment, and above all, passion for VSA and its advancement. With Summer, VSA will always shine and be bright.

Describe the roles the nominee has held in his/her community and how these roles have influenced your organization. Provide examples.

Summer was Historian for UGAVSA, and is now the EVP. She is also Media and Marketing director or UVSASE and on the marketing committee of UNAVSA. She exceeded expectations of Historian and EVP. She also helped introduce UGA to UVSASE and UNAVSA, which UGA is becoming very active in. If it wasn’t for Summer, most of us wouldn’t know what UNAVSA is.

What qualities does the nominee have that makes him/her stand out within your organization? Provide examples.

Summer‘s passion and commitment toward VSA is incomparable to anyone I’ve ever met. She will constantly put VSA as one of her top priorities. She is reliable because she will always executes whatever tasks that needs to be done, even if it isn’t hers. Lastly, Summer is super welcoming; she is always the first to invite EVERYONE to any event.

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