University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Traditional Dance

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: VSOUL

Performance name: VSOUL’s Diversity Night Traditional Dance

Performance Choreographer: Kris Dinh

The purpose of this dance was to showcase traditional Vietnamese dancing and music while also showcasing diversity. The song, “Vi Toi Con Song” was chosen because it had an almost American feel to it, which is not a style that most people traditionally associate with Vietnamese music. Not only did we have diversity amongst our dancers, we also had diversity amongst the props. The three props were the vietnamese non (hat), the fans, and the ribbons. The song was split into three sections to give enough time to showcase each prop. The non was used to showcase uniformity and elegance. The fans were used to showcase the technical side of Vietnamese dancing, and the ribbons were used to showcase the spectacularity and excitement. Throughout the making of this dance, many standard moves were used (e.g. hat flipping, opening and closing of fans, standing in lines, etc) but there was an enormous effort to try to diversify the choreography from the tradit ional group techniques like the fan wave or the circling fans that most fan groups have a tendency to do (this can be found simply by typing fan dance wave in youtube). This variation can be seen mostly within the ribbon choreography and line portion of the fan dance.