University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Most Outstanding Cultural Program Nomination: University of Louisiana, Lafayette (VSOUL)

Date: March 26, 2017
Participants: 20 (4 teams of 5)
Purpose: to engage members in an fun interactive journey that would also require them to learn about several different Vietnamese topics

This was a competition-based learning event designed to teach members about 7 cultural topics; food, history, government, fashion, music, language, and geography. All teams were gathered in one room where they received a brief once-over of VSOUL and how the event would operate. Once the presentation was done, they were given their first puzzle based on said presentation. Once the puzzle was finished, they were given their first puzzle piece to lead to their first station. Each team was given a different path so that no following could occur. At each station, an eboard member was to make sure that the team arrived at the right location and had the right amount of puzzle pieces before proceeding to give a 5 minute presentation on their research topic of choice. The team was then made to participate in a corresponding activity that required the information from the presentation. Informational material was given on boards in case additional help was required. Once the activity was finish ed, they would continue onto the next station until they reached the end where they would reassemble the puzzle and therein end their journey.

Marketing: explanation during first general meeting, Facebook event pages advertised throughout the month in conjunction with advertisements by UVSA GC, IG flyers, Snapchat videos day of event, photo album created few days after the event

Use of resources: All research was done throughout the month of January and February while games and boards were made and tested in March. Games were created with reservation to using cheap, household materials to reduce costs but provide for the most amount of fun and learning impact. All finances were covered through participation fee and VSOUL treasury.

Evaluation Process: Determined by the amount of participants, how many errors came about during each activity, and the overall course of each team. There were hardly any errors that retracted from the overall experience so evaluation process was positive.

How did this cultural program serve the campus and/or community?

The program served to teach those within the Vietnamese community as well as those outside of it, the richness of Vietnamese culture and history. It encouraged those who were outside of VSOUL to participate and learn.

How did the cultural program meet goals set by the organization?

Those who participated were put into situations where they were required to learn and after debriefing of the event at the social dinner, received feedback from members, Viet and non-Viet, that they had acquired (at least) a very basic knowledge of all seven topics

How did the organization overcome any challenges that arose while planning and implementing the cultural program?

Constant communication and adaptation of rules and resources based on location of each team and the difficulty of each challenge. Eboard members kept constant updates and if more manpower was needed, a logistics member was sent to help resolve that issue.


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