University of New Orleans – Paper Lantern Night

Most Outstanding Cultural Program Nomination: UNO VASA

Fan Dance Challenge

UNO VASA has a dance challenge for you! Once you have done this challenge (described in the video) please post your video on our Paper Lantern Night page! :D#vasamicasa#vasapln

Posted by UNO VASA on Thursday, October 27, 2016


Paper Lantern Night(PLN) is an annual event in which the Vietnamese and Chinese community celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival.
Date: Saturday, November 19th
Participants: ~100
Goal: Family and friends gather together for this festival.
Mem. Inv.: Helped out with booths or performed
Fin.: School Bill
Mark.: Fan Dance Challenge

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How did this cultural program serve the campus and/or community?

One of the few culture events held on our campus. Where the University was able to enjoy Vietnamese Culture. Also, nominated for best event for 2016-17 at the University of New Orleans. Our president, Jenny Le’Dang, was also able to reach out to the president of the University, Dr. John Nicklow, who also attended the event with his wife.

Paper Lantern Night: Snapchat

Posted by UNO VASA on Monday, January 2, 2017

How did the cultural program meet goals set by the organization?

The goal of this event was to continue the traditions of UNOVASA since this is the one event that UNOVASA is known for in the VSA Community. Other than members of VASA , we wanted to reach out to our community within the school and Gulf Coast. We had attendance from every VSA in Louisiana.

How did the organization overcome any challenges that arose while planning and implementing the cultural program?

This was the first major event that our eboard had to put together. We are an extremely new eboard and no one on this eboard has ever been to a PLN so it tested what our eboard was capable of. Every single eboard member had a responsibility and it all really paid off. We had a bigger turn out than we expected and it was still a big success.

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