University of New Orleans – UNO VASA Date Auction 2016 Performance

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: University of New Orleans Vietnamese-American Student Association

Performance name: UNO VASA Date Auction 2016 Performance

2016 Date Auction Video w/ Performance #vasamicasa

2016 Date Auction Video w/ Performance

Posted by UNO VASA on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Performance Choreographer: Kevin Le

The purpose of this dance was to put together a dance relating to this year’s Date Auction theme of “Fairy Tales.” Our organization’s chosen theme was Alice in Wonderland. We created a performance that combined our dance with our video. The video provided the narrative, and at certain key points it would transition into our dance, which would then transition back to the video, and continue.

Kevin Le: “Beat the due dates and preparing.And to have fun lol.”

Date auction is always a stressful time dealing with choreographing, deadlines and schedules but everything worked out flawlessly.

Jenny Le’Dang : “My personal one was to be able to showcase our members.”

Thomas Nguyen: “I wanted VASA to be a contender in the DA scene. But I also wanted to be able to have fun and get closer with the other members in the performance.” Thomas was a late addition to choreography when one of our original choreographer was unable to do it so Thomas stepped up to the plate.