University of Toronto – Gia Đình Hoàn Hảo 99%” Vietnamese Family

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: University of Toronto

Performance name: Gia Đình Hoàn Hảo 99%” Vietnamese Family

Performance Choreographer: Ngoc Anh & Monica Nguyen

In this performance, UTVSA portrayed the experiences of young adults growing up and living in a Vietnamese family during the 21st century. Through the use of dance, and acting they highlighted important issues that have not been given great awareness within the Vietnamese community such as the feeling of acceptance and racial and gender identity. Living in this modern, dynamic and ever growing society in North America, we have adapted to the Westernized ideologies that tend to stray away from the traditional expectations of our parents and elders, in which they have been accustomed to when growing up in our homeland of Vietnam. Nonetheless, in this performance UTVSA has shown that behind all the chaos and drama, the one thing that the Vietnamese culture honours most is family. No matter our differences, family is willing to accept us for who we are, and nothing is greater than the love from our parents. There are times when you feel like family is a gainst you where they may be too critical of your grades at school or your sexual orientation. However, in the end our family only has the best of intentions to help us grow, learn, and live a life full of happiness. In the Vietnamese culture the relationship between parents and their children can never be broken, and the respect for one another is always honoured. As the greater theme of the performance is “I Am Vietnamese” This performance incorporates traditional ao dai’s, Vietnamese music, fan dancing, silk cloths that represent the beautiful red and yellow colours of our Vietnamese flag, and celebrates the Vietnamese language in such a way that is both inspirational and relatable to Vietnamese Canadians of this century. It is a reminder that we will never lose our roots of being Vietnamese, and that our culture is something that can never be forgotten. This skit is an union between the western and eastern world of our lives, merging our proud Vietnamese Canadians customs togeth er. As quoted by Cathy in the skit “just because i add ketchup to rice doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my Vietnamese culture.”

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Posted by UVSA Ontario on Monday, March 20, 2017

Posted by UVSA Ontario on Monday, March 20, 2017