University of Toronto Mississauga (Đâu Là Quê Hương)

Most Outstanding Performance Nomination: University of California, Berekley

Performance Name: Fragments: Đâu Là Quê Hương

This performance was one of seven VSA performances at UVSA Ontario’s annual Ignite Culture Show. The purpose of the show is for all Vietnamese Student Associations in Ontario to come together to promote, share, and teach the Vietnamese culture and language. All the Vietnamese Student Associations from different universities and colleges will come together to compete with a previously rehearsed performance to showcase at the show.

The theme for IGNITE XX was Melody and Memory — Âm Nhạc và Kỷ Niệm. Throughout our lives, we undergo a multitude of experiences. We laugh and we cry, we succeed and we fail, we celebrate and we grieve, we dream and we grow. Music, then, is a reflection of our lives. Our rhythms reflect our temperaments while our lyrics reflect our histories. As we live, melody and memory intertwine to create rich tapestries wholly unique to ourselves. The University of Toronto Mississauga VSA chose to depict melody and memory by explaining the concept of Home or Quê Hương.

Here is their performance description:
A father of three and widower for over a decade feels lonely and considers moving back to his hometown in Vietnam. Since the loss of his wife, he has felt that he no longer has any reason to stay in Canada and confides in his neighbour of his wish to return to Vietnam. The neighbour then notifies his children, who come up with a plan to convince their father to stay in Canada. Through the help of his children and his neighbour, the father is eventually able to come to the realization that quê hương is not just the place where one is born, but where one is able to be with their loved ones.



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