University of Washington – Hoa Khoi Lien Truong 2017 Intro

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: Vietnamese Student Association of the University of Washington

Production name: Hoa Khoi Lien Truong 2017 Intro

Coordinator/director name: David Nguyen

Given nothing but a theme and an expectation, VSAUW’s media team faced the daunting task of developing not only a video, but also bringing to life a fully original concept. Starting months in advance, they began the process of developing ideas into a production. The team met once or twice a week every week to develop a concept that they felt truly represented the Hoa Khôi cultural pageant and its theme, Beyond the Beauty. This was built on how contestants were fully immersing themselves in the Hoa Khôi process, and developing a complex understanding of what Hoa Khôi stands for, far beyond a superficial beauty pageant. The goal was to step away from stereotypes and from what was expected of Vietnamese and Asian-American women, and truly portray the individuals themselves. The beginning of the video had the purpose to revealing tradition, but more specifically, the idea of Miss Hoa Khôi herself, in that she is a symbol for our Vietnamese heritage and culture. Long periods of editing followed, where they fine-tuned transitions, timed music, sequenced shots, and worked at the most minute details, before release at Hoa Khoi. Four and half months of planning, 2 months of storyboarding, 3 full days of shooting, 5 weeks of editing, and 7 drafts later, the video finally had its debut at the beginning of the Hoa Khôi Liên Trường Pageant in front of a crowd of about 800 guests. The video was received incredibly well during its showing and ultimately set the tone for the entire show. It currently has almost 1.5 thousand views on youtube and was shared throughout the Seattle and Northwest community, even being recognized by local Vietnamese news agencies.