University of Washington (IAV Project)

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: University of Washington

Production name: IAV Project – PK Bois React to VPOP

For our biannual male comedic pageant Pho King, VSAUW shot and produced a video featuring our contestants reacting to V-Pop and music. Our media team had set up our production in the vein of popular react videos, using a simple setup with contestants watching and a picture in picture of the music video, and filming for the length of the song. We paired our contestants up and had them watch and react to three different V-POP MVs. They laughed at the most cheesy and strangely edited moments, made up storylines, and sang along however much they could and oblivious to being on key. These were all the parts that a reaction video needed, and what we needed to generate interest and hype for our pageant.

What made this concept interesting in the long term was how our contestants also reflected on aspects such as language and culture, through the lens of Vietnamese music. Throughout watching the videos, they reminisced about growing up and listening to the same music, or the particularities of a phrase that they translated to each other. One of our contestants not featured in our video is actually Korean, and watching his fellow contestants/brothers react and vibe with their cultural music gave him a chance to learn more about Vietnamese culture. For example, off-camera conversations centered on Vietnamese language, clothing, and norms. Critically, they also were able to open conversations afterwards about what it meant to process and consume this media as second-generation Vietnamese Americans. In our college years, we recognize that it is a time where we are away from family – family being the ones that hold us to practice our Vietnamese culture. Being able to have the chance to connect the contestants to their culture by playing these songs, giving them a nostalgic feeling, and being able to share their culture through a platform that is music was the core objective of our production.


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