University of Washington (Phở King 2018)

Most Outstanding Multimedia Production Nomination: University of Washington

Production name: Phở King 2018: Hit the Spotlight Intro

Phở King is VSAUW’s biennial intercollegiate male comedic pageant. The theme for the pageant this year, “Hit the Spotlight”, aims to shed light on the lack of representation and portrayal of Asian American men in mainstream media, as this is prevalent to our Asian American community. With their talents, wit, humor, and quick thinking abilities, contestants will show that Asians deserve an equal chance to bask in the limelight. The spotlight will shine on our contestants as they partake in practices, workshops, and events to win the title of Mr. Phở King 2018. The introduction video premiered April 14th to start off the night of Phở King.

With the classic song, Careless Whisper by George Michael, our goal was to satirize the emphasis on sex appeal in Hollywood, especially stereotype that Asian men are not sexy. Asian men are much more than secondary characters in Hollywood; they are the protagonists of their own stories. We wanted to showcase the comedic side of the contestants, but also their uniqueness and charisma. Through a full-day video shoot and an all-nighter for editing, thirteen individuals were filmed in this three minute video to give a little teaser of what was in store at Phở King 2018. To show the best sides of each contestant, we incorporated their inspirations and passions into the video. The boys each brought their own individuality to the shoot through their choice of fashion, props, and poses. While it may seem like just another comedy video, this video is exceptionally important to VSAUW and to these contestants. It is never an easy thing to be vulnerable on film for so many to see, but the boys were always encouraged by Media Team to be as authentically themselves as possible. Were it not for this rapport, we could not have produced such a seamless and enjoyable video.

With this video, we hope fervently that the audience will be able to laugh while at the same time appreciate just how much the contestants have to offer, and how much effort VSAUW put into our culture show.


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